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"Promise & Prophecy: A Folk Rock Fairytale"

Promise and Propehcy is an orginal new musical with music and lyrics by Mikey Marmann and a book by John Cavaseno. It tells the story of three young people trying to change the world. Robin (the prophesized hero), Jay (his brother), and their mysterious new ally, Natalia (a princess in disguise) set off on a journey to bring magic to their fairytale kingdom of Terestea. Promise and Prophecy features a folk-rock score, composed entirely using an acoustic guitar.

Enjoy a selection of some of the highlights, as well as the music video of the Act 1 finale, Bring on the Danger.

"Camp Eaglewood: A New Musical"

Created in conjunction with CAP21's class of 2018, under the direction of Marshall Pailett and Andy Roninson, Camp Eaglewood tells the story of a bunch of camp counselors trying to find their way through another crazy summer. Below are 2 of the 5 songs composed by Mikey Marmann for the project.

Various Original Songs

Different (Emily Tenenbaum)Music & Lyrics by Mikey Marmann
00:00 / 04:02
HeroMusic & Lyrics by Mikey Marmann
00:00 / 04:22
How It Was BeforeMusic & Lyrics by Mikey Marmann
00:00 / 03:11
For more information regarding my original music, or to hear additional demos, please feel free to reach out via this site's Contact page.
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